American Changer Corp.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Industrial Engineer

Posted 5 days ago

Job Description

Industrial Engineer, F/T (Fort Lauderdale, FL) Dsgn, dvlp, test, & evaluate integrated systems for managing industrial production processes, incl human work factors, qlty control, inventory control, logistics & material flow, cost analysis, & production coord. Estimate production costs, cost saving methods, & the effects of product dsgn changes on expenditures for mgmt review, action, & control. Plan & establish sequence of operations to fabricate & assemble parts or products & to promote efficient utilization. Analyze statistical data & product specs to determine stds & establish qlty & reliability objectives of finished product. Master's deg in Industrial Engg, or Industrial Engg Technologies or closely rltd. Email resume to: American Changer Corp., Attn: John Mecca, Vice President of Engineering, Quality and Procurement at: