Multilingual Psychotherapy Centers, Inc.

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About Us

  • Industry

    Hospital, Diagnostic & Ambulatory Services

  • Company Size

    25-99 employees

  • Headquarters

    West Palm Beach, FL


Our Vision

Multilingual Psychotherapy Centers, Inc.'s vision is to expand its mental health service to all the different culture groups established in the state of Florida , always in their own language.

Our Mission

Multilingual Psychotherapy Centers, Inc. recognizes as its mission to improve the lives of children and families through their diversity, that is, considering their cultural background, speaking their own language, providing the mental health services they need both in office or on site, that is, going to homes, shelters, schools, or others; and keeping respected and fairly treating quality providers.

Our Values

1.We believe that every single culture deserves the same respect and consideration.
2. We believe that our diversity of people in Florida enriches our state.
3. We believe that improving the lives of children and families is basic for the future of a healthy society.